The Best Physician Provide Preventive Medicine, the Ordinary Physician Provide Treatment Prevention is better than cure In relation to the video, Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, the Founder of GHHS Chinese Medical Centre located in Palace of The Golden Horses Hotel, which specializes in the prevention of healthcare. This Herbal Remedy is formulated from Shanxi TCM Hospital, China. Of a world in coronavirus turmoil, Shanxi Hospital uses this prevention Herbal remedy for all the staffs and zero covid 19 were recorded. On 17th Mac 2020, Tan Sri Lee has ordered Chinese physician Kung to prepare this remedy to all members and family as the preventive medicine in order to protect the entire family. Fortunately the herbal remedy benefited a family member who actually shares this video. For those who are interested and confident in trying the traditional Chinese medicine, are most welcome to contact our team directly. I would like to emphasize that the Herbal remedy is for preventive purpose although it is effective, it is not meant for therapeutic purpose, as such please always consult our certified physicians for any further enquiries. Online physicians consultation * Whatapp Only CP Kung, CP Lee, CP Chung, CP Lim 0196001429, 0196001650 Customer Service hotline 0196000480, 0196001612